Friday the 13th, January 2012

By: Wahokia

Jan 14 2012

Category: Yorktown, Va.

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Ken Touchton and I met in Yorktown today ... there is a little pub ... right on the beach ... facing the water the French fleet sailed into ... bottling up Lord Cornwallis and his British troops ... allowing George Washington and his cronies ... Lafayette, Von Steuben ... etc ... to successfully end the American revolution ... successful for we Yanks ... that is ... besides the view ... they have incredible Fish and Chips ... which the Brits evidently left behind ... and marvelous oyster soup ... which our Native Americans already taught us about ... if your eyes are good enough ... and your imagination swells ... you can see below the chop to the next generation of oysters growing there ... what's a Friday the 13th without two photographers taking pictures of each other? ... it was too cold and windy to do so outside ... and the pub adds a certain joi de vivre to the occasion ... flying in the face of that old superstition.

One comment on “Friday the 13th, January 2012”

  1. Ken, is a good guy, I met him years ago. Yura

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